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Stuart was born in Newcastle 1977. He studied at the Northern Media School where he gained a Masters Degree in Screen Arts. During his time there, Stuart embarked on his first filming expedition with fellow student and friend Pandula. On a shoestring budget, they travelled to the Tamil Tiger controlled regions of Northern Sri Lanka, in an attempt to tell the story of the civil war that had raged for over 20 years, and give voice to the 500 thousand refugees displaced by the conflict, a baptism by fire to say the least.


Since then Stuart has become a multi award winning photographer and filmmaker. His assignments have taken him across the globe, photographing a wide range of topics, from critically endangered animals, to remote tribes. He regularly works for the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic and Discovery Channel, filming internationally acclaimed documentaries that are screened to audiences around the world.


'I have been fortunate to travel to some of the farthest corners of the world with Stuart. He not only has a great eye for both still and moving images but he does it effortlessly. His photographs speak for themselves. Moving, beautiful, surprising and above all unique'

Ben Fogle (TV presenter / Adventurer)


“ I love the freshness of your [Stuart Dunn's] work - so rich and textured and sensitive, it carries the viewer to other worlds quite effortlessly.”

Benedict Allen (Explorer / Author / BBC Presenter)


“Stuart's photography mirrors his personality: genuine and engaging. He is a joy to work with and a pleasure to be around. Stuarts photos always make me smile and he somehow manages to make everything look as if he has spent hours lighting it when all he has is his camera. I have watched Stuart persuade people to be photographed and the way he engages with them is an art form in itself. How he portrays a personality in a photograph is quite remarkable.”
Helen Skelton (Adventurer / BBC Presenter)


"Whether it's with a film or stills camera Stuart's talent, patience and eye as well as his modest and empathetic manner mean he's able to get the most phenomenal shots whatever the environment or conditions. I hope we get to work together again soon!"
James Cracknell OBE (Double Olympic Gold Medalist / Adventurer)


“I have only just discovered Stuart Dunn.  We worked together recently filming a jungle expedition in Borneo for Channel 4’s BAFTA winning “Inside Nature’s Giants”.  Massively impressed by his antics with a film camera, I checked out his website when I got home.  Blown away ! I had no idea he was such an accomplished photographer.  He never said anything, but then that’s Stuart.  If you love Steve McCurry’s work, you’ll really like what Stuart does with a stills camera.”
Mark Evans BVetMed MRCVS (TV Presenter – Discovery / Nat Geo / Channel 4) 


"I had the pleasure to work along side Stuart on a BBC series called "Serious Explorers".  We were following in the footsteps of Sir Walter Raleigh  These programmes are real exploration and we are out there 24/7 living in the wilds. Fun, demanding and real hard graft.  For me as an expedition leader, these trips are grueling at best of times but to wield a camera is these conditions takes talent and dedication.  I am amazed by the quality of shots that Stuart produces.  Not only is Stuart highly professional, but most of all a great guy to be with on an expedition".
Polly Murray – BBC TV Presenter / Expedition Leader (First Scottish Lady to Summit MT Everest)

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